Domestic Violence Batterers’ Intervention Program

Classes are 2 hours/week for 52 weeks or the court-appointed time, in a single-sex group setting.


$30-$50 per Session

(We use a sliding scale based on your weekly gross income – determined at your initial intake appointment.)

Enrollment Fee: Although there is no enrollment fee at this time, it is required that you make a deposit. The deposit amount should cover your first 4 sessions.

Absences: By law you are required to attend 1 session per week. Should you miss, you will be marked absent and charged your weekly fee.

Reinstatement Fee: $55.00 

Make -up Fee: $10.00 aside from your weekly fee.

Rush Letter Fee: $5.00 Progress reports are to be requested through email two weeks in advance. You will be charged a fee of $5.00 if you request your progress report with less than two weeks notice. Payment is due as service is rendered. 

Exit Interview: $55.00

For more information or to schedule an appointment for enrollment, please call (310) 715-8885.

From the outside, we know that domestic violence hurts the victims and witnesses — but at the Neighborhood Family Center we also understand that it hurts the batterer too. We know that the reasons why you feel the need to control the people around you are real and must be dealt with, so that the escalation into domestic violence is stopped.

We also understand that this is a complicated issue and that many things in your past have led you to this place. We have developed a batterers intervention program that will allow you to gain better control over your life and relationships, no matter how bad things seem right now.

Our curriculum begins by helping you to recognize the role of violence in your life, then identifying the core beliefs behind the violence. We will discuss the characteristics of batterers and help you to gain insight into your own journey. You will learn conflict resolution techniques, gain greater self-awareness, improve your communication skills,
and create your own personal strategies for letting go of the violence and anger in your life.

By the end of our program, you will have the skills and understanding to take the harmful and toxic cycle of domestic violence out of your family’s life, allowing loving relationships with your spouse and children to take center stage.