We Are Here To Help

The Neighborhood Family Center offers
psycho-educational programs in:

These programs fully satisfy the requirements of the:

  • Los Angeles County Courts
  • Los Angeles County Probation Department
  • Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services

First and foremost, we are committed to helping you complete your required program, in a setting that is both professional and neighborly. We understand the issues that you face, and you can trust that we will make the process simple and efficient.

Second, in our psycho-educational programs, you will learn effective skills and strategies that will play to your strengths and empower your life. Our approach is interactive and tailored to your unique situation.

Effective and Empowering

Our innovative and specialized teaching approach combines skill building with psychological support to give you many new tools for your toolbox, because we all know that having the right tools is an important part of achieving our goals.


Our programs are dynamic and rely on your input and participation. Getting to know you as an individual is important to us. It is the interactive nature of our work together that will be the most powerful force moving you forward into positive action.


We realize that as an adult learner you bring your own rich experience and knowledge to our time together, and this will be honored in our programs. We provide guidance and resources, as you bring peace and harmony to your family’s life.

Finally, the Neighborhood Family Center is part of your community and our staff will treat you with the respect and dignity you deserve. Together we build strong communities for all.

Enrollment in our programs is easy – Make an Appointment by calling  (310) 715-8885 for our facility in the city of Gardena or Torrance and (562) 432-1819 for our facility in the city of Long Beach.